Join the Sue BIg oil Action Team

Stand up for your community and make Big Oil pay for climate costs. Here are six ways that you can get involved in the Sue Big Oil campaign.

Photo by Eugene Kung

Help us build the movement. Host a Sue Big Oil House Party. We’ve got you covered.

Once you have signed the Sue Big Oil Declaration, share the campaign on social media. The more people who sign on, the greater impact we can have.

Engage with others in your community or start a local Sue Big Oil Action Team.

Connect with local candidates in advance of municipal elections this fall – and get their support for suing Big Oil to help your community.

Get the resources you need to take Sue Big Oil to the street, including stickers, posters, t-shirts, and more.

Show your support for the Sue Big Oil campaign by purchasing some of our merch! Sue Big Oil doesn’t profit from the sale of these items.

Featured Action Team Member

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