Get involved

Stand up for your community and make Big Oil pay for climate costs. Here are six ways that you can get involved in the Sue Big Oil campaign.

Photo by Eugene Kung

Get involved in your community as a member of a local Sue Big Oil Team.

Go straight to the decision makers. Urge your local government to join the Sue Big Oil lawsuit. Here are some ideas.

Once you have signed the Sue Big Oil Declaration, share the campaign on social media. The more people who sign on, the greater impact we can have.

Get the resources you need to take Sue Big Oil to the street, including stickers, posters, t-shirts, and more.


Help us build the movement. Host a Sue Big Oil House Party. We’ve got you covered.

Visit our campaign merch store or get the resources you need to create your own. 

Featured Action Team Member - Manvi bhalla

Manvi is a PhD student at UBC and co-founder of the youth-led climate justice nonprofit, Shake Up The Establishment (SUTE). Upon hearing of the Sue Big Oil campaign, she was eager to find ways to reach youth with this important work given its potential to ensure liveable futures for all. 

To help get the word out about Sue Big Oil, SUTE has joined as a Sue Big Oil Partner, and is designing Sue Big Oil party kits to promote awareness, knowledge and actions about suing Big Oil in a fun and engaging way.