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  1. Join the campaign to #SueBigOil. Make polluters pay their fair share of #climate costs in BC. SueBigOil.ca
  2. Worried about BC’s heat waves, wildfires, flooding, and drought? Join the campaign to #SueBigOil. Find out more at SueBigOil.ca #climatechange
  3. Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for the skyrocketing costs of #climate change in BC. Find out more about the campaign to #SueBigOil. SueBigOil.ca 
  4. Do you agree that Big Oil shouldn’t reap billions in profits while communities pay climate costs? Sign the #SueBigOil Declaration to join the campaign. SueBigOil.ca
  5. Help your community secure the funding it needs to prevent and prepare for #climate damages – and hold corporate polluters accountable. Join the campaign to #SueBigOil. SueBigOil.ca
  6. They knew. They profited. They need to pay their fair share. Join the campaign to #SueBigOil for #climate costs in BC communities. SueBigOil.ca