ORGANIZE in your community

By reaching out to community organizations and people in your community who are working on climate change, and by joining forces, we can convince local governments to Sue Big Oil. Groups with deep roots in their community and relationships with their neighbours need to be at the core of the Sue Big Oil campaign.

Two people holding a "Make Polluters Pay" sign. Photo by 350.org.
Photo by 350org


Our About Us page lists the organizations that are actively working on, or have endorsed, the Sue Big Oil campaign. Are there organizations that are active in your community – perhaps that you are a member, staff or volunteer with – that don’t yet show up on that list, but you think should?

Social justice, faith, environmental and other community organizations working to protect our communities from climate change can endorse the campaign. Or if the group wants to actively work with us to sue Big Oil, they could join us as a partner.

Encourage any local community group that you are involved in to endorse the Sue Big Oil campaign. We would be happy to help you by making a presentation to the group, or to assist you in putting together a proposal for the group.

Contact us to discuss what support you need in approaching your community group.


If there is no existing group in your community that is interested in partnering with us to Sue Big Oil, then you may want to explore with friends and allies whether you should start your own Sue Big Oil Action Team. Talk to people in your community to gauge the interest, and then host a Sue Big Oil House Party to explore the campaign together.