Say it loud and proud on social media: British Columbians support a lawsuit against Big Oil

Speech bubble graphic with smokestacks in background

Vancouver’s ‘Sue Big Oil’ decision last month generated some loud controversy. The motion was passed in a 6-5 decision, with councillors agreeing to allocate $1 per resident towards a future class action lawsuit by local governments against major fossil fuel companies for the costs of climate change. The historic decision was covered in local and international news […]

HISTORIC WIN: Vancouver votes to fund climate lawsuit against Big Oil

Vancouver Council Vote on motion to fund climate lawsuit

[UPDATE – August 20, 2023 – Please note that this is an older press release that is out of date. Subsequent to the Vancouver Council’s vote in July 2022, a municipal election was held in October 2022. The newly elected Council, in February 2023, voted against continuing with that commitment. For more information see our […]