Gibsons votes to sue Big Oil

Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil delegation to Gibsons Council

For Immediate Release – March 8, 2023

GIBSONS, BC – Last night, Gibsons Council voted unanimously to work with other local governments in BC to file a class action lawsuit against global fossil fuel companies to recover a fair share of the climate costs they are incurring. This means setting aside at least $1 per resident and working with First Nations towards the purpose. The Sue Big Oil campaign, including its Sunshine Coast action team, applauded the move. 

“Gibsons residents cannot afford the hundreds of millions of dollars associated with climate change. The fossil fuel industry must pay its fair share,” said Alaya Boisvert, a volunteer with the citizen’s group Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil which appeared before Council to ask it to take this step. “From sea level rise impacting foreshore properties, sewage lines and town water supply, to preparing for and fighting wildfires, to impacts on our roads and drainage systems, climate change is only going to get more costly – and it’s only fair that profiteering oil, gas and coal companies pay their share.”

Councillor Stafford Lumley, who proposed and introduced the motion to Council, said he’s “really happy that council unanimously supported the resolution” and “hopes their action will inspire other towns to follow suit.”

“The Town of Gibsons is smart to recognize that climate change is unbelievably expensive and going to get worse, and that communities simply cannot afford to foot the hefty bill,” said Fiona Koza, Climate Accountability Strategist at West Coast Environmental Law, which is the Secretariat to the Sue Big Oil campaign.

“Sue Big Oil community groups are springing up across the province, in Powell River, Nanaimo, Whistler, Greater Victoria, Burnaby, and more, as British Columbians demand that their local governments protect them from the costs of climate change and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. Our team is here to support all towns, cities and regional districts in joining Gibsons in this class action lawsuit.”

With the success in Gibsons, Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil is planning to turn its attention to the District of Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Regional District, while supporting volunteers organizing in other BC communities. 


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Alaya Boisvert | Volunteer, Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil
604-562-2779, alaya.boisvert@gmail.com 

Fiona Koza | Climate Accountability Strategist, West Coast Environmental Law
604-684-7378, ext. 236, fkoza@wcel.org 

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Top photo: Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil’s delegation to Gibsons Council (photo by Blake MacLeod)