On October 15, 2022, British Columbians will elect the Mayors and Councils that will lead their communities for the next four years. Let’s elect officials who will join a class action lawsuit to hold oil, gas and coal companies accountable, and fund a safe and healthy future for communities.

A damaged highway bridge. Photo by BC Ministry of Transport.
Photo by BC Ministry of Transport

support candidates who will sue big oil

The first step is to talk to your local candidates about the importance of suing Big Oil. Most candidates will be announcing their run for public office over the summer, and some may show up at your door to canvas. Ask them to sign our Sue Big Oil Candidates’ Pledge. Click here for a list of candidates who have already signed the Pledge.

According to opinion research, 60% of British Columbians support local governments filing a lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for a share of the costs of climate change. Candidates running for Mayor and Councillor need to step up and represent that majority. 

We encourage you to email, phone, connect on social media, and if possible, meet with local candidates, asking them to commit to sue Big Oil. Send them a copy of our Sue Big Oil Candidates Brief, and show them the Declaration and explain why it’s important to you. Or attend an all-candidates meeting and ask the candidates whether they would support joining a class action lawsuit with other BC municipalities to sue Big Oil for a fair share of climate costs.

If you get commitments from candidates, please let us know at info@suebigoil.ca, and we’ll add them to our list of Climate Champions, to be unveiled closer to the election.