For Local Government Candidates

Congratulations on running for public office, and thank you for your interest in the Sue Big Oil Campaign.

Public figure at a podium with globe and climate rally signs in foreground
Graphic by WCEL

Climate leaders know that their communities face massive costs from climate change.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities says Canadian local governments should collectively be paying $5.3 billion each year to prepare for climate change. It’s not fair that taxpayers are on the hook for 100% of these climate costs while global oil and gas companies make massive profits from the products that cause climate change. That’s bad economics, and it will keep our economies hooked on the products that are destroying our communities.

Take action:

  1. Pledge to work towards the goals of the Sue Big Oil Declaration;
  2. Make Sue Big Oil part of your election platform – see the Candidates’ Backgrounder for more information.
  3. Publicly declare your support for suing Big Oil on social media and elsewhere.
  4. If you would like to discuss the Declaration and/or your support for it (before or after signing), please email us at info@suebigoil.ca.

Sue Big Oil Candidates’ Pledge

If elected, I pledge to work with other officials to deliver the goals of the Sue Big Oil Declaration, including to:
  • Act urgently to tackle climate change and protect us from future heat waves, flooding, wildfires, drought and other climate impacts; 
  • Join with other local governments to file a class action lawsuit to recover a fair share of our climate costs; 
  • Allocate at least $1 per person towards a community fund to sue Big Oil; 
  • Build equitable and sustainable communities that put people and the planet before corporate profits; and 
  • Cooperate with Indigenous peoples in doing so.

Questions? Contact info@suebigoil.ca

Click here to view a list of candidates who have responded to our request to sign the pledge and indicated that their views could be publicly shared.