Protecting Vancouver from climate change is costly—and Big Oil should help pay

This op-ed was originally published in the Georgia Straight on December 17th, 2021. Recently, many Vancouverites received an email from Mayor Kennedy Stewart’s office about Vancouver city council’s decision to adopt its 2022 budget, celebrating that it “put climate action and public safety at the centre” and delivered “equitable, efficient, long-term funding for Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Action […]

After 2021, we need to prepare for future Years of Climate Disaster™

2021 has been BC’s Year of the Climate Disaster™. The BC government’s response claims that these remarkable events were unforeseeable, Premier Horgan said when BC declared a state of emergency: “Unprecedented. As was the impact of heat in the summer. These are extraordinary events not measured before, not contemplated before in putting in place where people will […]