Write to Burnaby Council now!

Ask the City of Burnaby to join the     Sue Big Oil lawsuit.

Diverse group of people and kids with Sue Big Oil signs

Please take a minute to send a letter asking Burnaby City Council to support the Sue Big Oil lawsuit. You can edit the text below to make it your own.

In February, Burnaby’s Environment Committee recommended that City Council pledge support for suing Big Oil. Council is expected to make a decision about this very soon. You can help to convince Council by sending a letter!

Burnaby cannot afford the skyrocketing costs of climate change, and Burnaby residents shouldn’t be on the hook for millions of dollars in climate costs. The fossil fuel industry is the largest cause of climate change and should be required to pay its fair share for the harm it has caused.

Five BC municipalities have already committed to the Sue Big Oil lawsuit. Here is an exciting opportunity for Burnaby to join them.

Please send a letter to Burnaby City Council today to show your support for suing Big Oil! It will be particularly effective if you personalize your letter by adding a few sentences at the beginning, explaining who you are, where in the city you live, and why you are concerned about climate change impacts and costs facing your community.

Top photo: Burnaby Sue Big Oil supporters and volunteers. (Photo via Force of Nature Alliance)

Force of Nature Alliance Burnaby and Burnaby For Our Kids are working with Burnaby-Sue Big Oil to convince Burnaby Council to join the Sue Big Oil campaign.